Lua Cheia Outubro 2019

Outubro 22, 2019
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Terça, 22 de Outubro de 2019 veraevaham

With this full moon I want to share some thoughts about Dance and Spirituality as this is one of the permanent programs of CID Unesco that I hope to contribute to. I really would love that each of you dancers can read me and share your thoughts too…

1. First it came Holy Revolt and Sacred Anger as I contemplated more information about the destruction of the “sacred training” and “sacred process” of the Devadasis in India. These days I was trying to understand what attracts me and pulsates from these stories: learning was in those times a devotional commitment on the one hand, and on the other an alchemical process that studies and researches the development of Being Human as a complex composite of many bodies in ONE –
a) heavenly / divine; b) earthly / physical-mental-emotional; and c) mercurial / a misterious vehicle of transformation and intense metamorphoses ad infinitum …

2.When I mourn the end of this learning lineage of dance – as the alchemist sacred pathway of vital energy – I mourn also the “Saudade” along with the Longing of the temples and masters that would be devoted to this pathway, and I mourn even more the creative, emotional, physical and spiritual capacities that human dancers would develop with this process…

3. It remains for me to try to reproduce and study in my Craft residues of this memory – if not individual, then collective – and to strive for the passion of a Dance Practice where ALL our alchemical compound – physical, mental, emotional, subtle – is distilled, forged, pollished to the Diamond with the most present power in the whole universe: MOVEMENT.
Because nothing is still here, on earth, nothing is stopped there, in the heavens, in infinity. Everything moves in us, in subtle or extreme changes…
I can only cry and ask: Is Movement the secret power that most closely remind us the divine intelligence present here and everywhere?

Vera Eva Ham
Incorpus notebook
Full moon October 2019