In the WORLD CONGRESS OF DANCE RESEARCH Athens 2018, Vera Eva and Matridance Company bring us The Moira`s Swirl inspired by the ancient wisdom of Portuguese traditions and memories. The portuguese enchanted Moira, with a distinct meaning from the classical Greek Moirae, was derived from the popular denomination of the Arabs but more remotely of the indigenous people who inhabited Portugal since its origins.

Moira is a being among the worlds that kept abundance, fertility and all sublime materializations and was an emmbodyment of the uniqueness of feminine wisdom ancestry. Moiras lived and protected immemorial places of earth and territory – our Mátria.

In this Matridance choreography we can see gestures, crystallizations, sparkles, trembles and shakes appear, all movement elements birthed from the intensity of the woman body itself. From earth to ether, the Moira wakes up its swirl as primordial enchantment – a spiritual initiation & radiation that the Feminine presence recurrently announces.

Moira`s figures are disturbing, challenging humanity – they are neither mortal nor immortal. Guardians of prophetic powers, they appear in portuguese legends as conductors of the destiny of humans in their individual, transpersonal or historical dimension. The Moiras from Portugal are valuable representations of the Great Mother religion and their sacred practices – which today awaken thousands of souls in their urgent call for the rebalancing our relationship with the Earth.